Using our high-specification laboratories and extensive equipment, you’ll explore and experiment across a wide range of scientific disciplines, from forensic science and environmental studies to biomedicine.


Science is a subject for the inquisitive mind. Through research and experimentation you’ll identify and understand the scientific principles and laws that make life possible. Whether specialising in medical science or combining biology, chemistry and physics A Levels, your curiosity will be encouraged and your methodology perfected.

Skills and prospects

With a scientific background, you’ll have a large selection of employment and Higher Education opportunities to choose from. Many of the skills learnt through scientific study, such as organisation, observation and research, translate well into a variety of other academic and professional subjects, broadening your horizons.


Studying science with us has never been so exciting. You’ll be invited to guest lectures from organisations such as the Institute of Physics, and there is the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The College is also a member of the Royal Society Associate Schools and College scheme, meaning you’ll benefit from our partnership with the UK’s most prestigious scientific institution.

Courses A-Z

Biology - A Level Full time Truro College
Chemistry - A Level Full time Truro College
Physics - A Level Full time Truro College