English & Languages

Whether studying English literature or language, or another tongue entirely, our team of linguists, literary scholars and native speakers will develop your abilities for self-expression and analysis.

Valuable skills

Language is the foundation of civilised society. By studying language, you’ll develop your capacity for critical thinking, interpretation and communication – highly important and transferable skills for all areas of academic study and employment.

A Levels

For A Level English, you’ll study a wide range of genres and forms in the first year, with the opportunity to specialise in your second year. In our French, German, Italian and Spanish A Level courses, you’ll study the spoken and written language, as well as the culture, of your chosen country.

Courses for adults

We also run adult part-time courses, from beginner to advanced level, in a wide variety of international languages, such as Swedish, Arabic and Japanese.

Functional English

Our Functional Skills English course is for those who would like to improve the foundations of their English skills. It's a nationally recognised qualification designed to greatly improve your written and spoken communication in the English language.